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Before coming on the camp you should have a reasonable level of cycling fitness gained during the previous months. This means being able to do back-to-back days of 4 hour rides and be able to climb a number of hills on any given day. The week will include 20 hours of riding so if you have just started riding come March then the step up is likely to be too much.

We normally have 2 groups on the road. The first group comprises of guests preparing to race and good club and sportive riders (gold standard). Rides will normally be completed at 30+ kph. A second group would normally average around 25-27 kph.

Our training camps combine load with quality and for riders completing all the ‘A’ ride options, it is not uncommon for them to hit 850 km and 16,000 meters of riding during the week. Even all our ‘B’ ride options add up to more than 500 km and 9,000 meters of climbing. 

A much-loved feature of these camps are the ‘race segments’: a pre-determined section of road or a climb where the whole group has a small race simulation, ranging from 10 to 40 minutes. One guide (depending on who’s the freshest!) initiates proceedings at the front of the group, whilst the back is supported by the second guide or the support vehicle. The camp regroups at the end of the segment, usually at a cafe or beauty spot. The last 15 km or so of each ride is a chaingang effort.

We tend to keep our cafe stops down to a single coffee once or twice a ride or incorporate the cafe stop as the regrouping point after a race segment. We aim to keep non-riding time to a minimum so you can maximise your recovery time at the hotel.
Naturally, these camps are aimed at riders aiming to compete or have fast sportive performance. This  is not a week for riders who are looking to tour the area at leisurely pace, stop regularly for photos and coffee breaks and so on.

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